Comtesse du Barry

One of my favorite gourmet shops in Paris is the Comtesse du Barry. I dare say that it’s a favorite because nearly everything they sell comes in a can. Sound awful? Well, not if you’re planning to pack it in your suitcase and take it home with you!

The Comtesse du Barry has been producing gastronomic delicacies for 100 years. Products include everything from truffle juice to chocolate soufflé. Honestly, these gourmet treats are delicious. I usually purchase a few cans of goose and duck liver paté to have on hand in the States. Paired with a bottle of Sauterne, a serving of foie gras makes a great starter for almost any dinner.

There are six boutiques in Paris. I shop at the boutique in the sixth arrondissement at 1, rue de Sevres. The products are quite expensive so it’s a good idea to sign up for the “fidelity” program. Through the program, one can accumulate points for each purchase based on the dollar amount spent. If you’re stocking up, you may receive a complimentary product straight away.

If you should decide to return to the States with an inventory of your own, be sure to purchase a French can opener as well. Opening French cans with an American can opener is a struggle.

Bon appetit!


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