Le Petit Trianon

I read that the Petit Trianon and all the furnishings have been completely restored thanks to generous funding by the watchmaker Breguet.

So, I headed out to Versailles to see Marie-Antoinette’s country home for myself. Much to my surprise, the space was being staged for an inauguration dinner prior to the public opening on October 2.

I was able to get a sneak peak and tour the first floor of this stately home. One would think that my visit was compromised due the limited access and work being done around me. On the contrary, it was actually enhanced. Landscapers and gardeners were trimming hedges, laying pea gravel and planting flowers. Inside, florists and designers were putting last minute touches on the décor.

I love getting ready for parties, but it’s even more fun to watch other people get ready for a party. The experience made the home come alive. I could well imagine similar efforts taking place in the late 18th century, when Marie-Antoinette herself was holding a party.

I forgot to bring my camera and took these photos with my mobile phone; they leave a lot to be desired. In reality, the home looks amazing and I would encourage everyone to see this neoclassic jewel


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