Joyeux Paques - Happy Easter

Many Easter traditions in France are different from those in the United States. In France, for example, there is no Easter bunny.

Ninety percent of the population in France is Roman-Catholic and it's safe to say that a church sits at center of every community. According to French Easter tradition, church bells are silenced on the evening of Holy Thursday in remembrance of Jesus' death. Children are told the church bells are not ringing because they've flown to the Vatican to see the Pope. On Easter morning, the flying bells, or cloche-volants, return from Rome and ring in celebration of the Resurrection, declaring that Jesus is alive again.

As part of the celebration, chocolate bells are distributed to children.


Anonymous said…
Nice, but just to mention that Jesus died on what we call "Good Friday"...
Anonymous said…
Good Friday and other holy day observances in the Universal Church begin at sunset following ancient custom. Hence, church bells are silenced at the "beginning" of Good Friday, sunset on Holy Thursday.

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