Chez Alexandra

Last week, my friend Alexandra invited me to join her for coffee and a tour of her neighborhood. I was delighted. I hadn't seen Alexandra in years and I hadn't really spent much time in Montmarte, where she lives.

Alexandra and I were students together. She is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met. I say that because she is just one of those very warm, kind and friendly people who always has a smile on her face and something nice to say. In other words, her inner beauty is projected in just about everything she does.

So, it was no surprise that her apartment is warm and welcoming and the coffee table was beautifully arranged. We spent nearly an hour chatting about various things, while her daughter, Lou, played nearby. She is an adorable and very happy baby - except for the occassional giggle, she made hardly a sound.

It is also no surprise that she writes one of the most charming blogs I've ever read. It is called La Biscuiterie and it's about various things she finds amusing and inspiring. She been at it for only a few months, but she's already had more than 1,000 hits on her site. Click on the link above and you'll know exactly why so many people find it enjoyable.

After coffee, we packed little Lou into her stroller and headed out for our tour. Montmarte is darling, it's like having a bit of the countryside in Paris. But, I'll save those photos for a later post...

Merci Alexandra for a wonderful afternoon!
Alexandra et Lou

Lou who was all smiles all day!
Le café, les madeleines et le chocolat.

Le bel appartement d'Alexandra


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