A Night at the Museums

Last night, the 5th Annual "Nuit des Musées" was held throughout Europe. Once a year, museums are open until 1 AM and most museums host special events such as lectures, dance programs, films and concerts.

There were so many wonderful options, it was hard to choose. So, I decided on two smaller museums I had never visited: Musée de l'Orangerie in the Tuileries Garden and Musée de la Monnaie. At l'Orangerie, I realized I hadn't made good choices or, I should say, everyone thought it was a good choice, because the line wrapped around the building.

I abandoned the idea of smaller museums and headed to the Louvre instead, it's large enough to handle a crowd. Besides, you can never really see everything at the Louvre no matter how many times you've been. And, the façade is looks magnificient at night.


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