Rendez-vous at the Bristol

I spent a good portion of the afternoon with friends, Sylvia and Bruno, in the bar of the Bristol Hotel on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

We were classmates at Christie's and we haven't seen each other much since finishing our courses. We chatted for nearly three hours, bringing each other up-to-date on our own activities and inquiring about other students.

Originally from Argentina, Sylvia is a consultant for private collectors. She provides research to individuals, letting them know what's available for purchase and the market valuation for those objects. She also provides advice on subsequent purchases to enhance or complete a collection. At times, she serves as liaison between individuals, gallery owners and dealers.

Bruno personifies the notion: Follow Your Passion. Having worked in finance for years, he was a fan of art deco furnishings and collected it for his own home. What did he do? He quit his job, enrolled at Christie's, leased gallery space and became a dealer by moving his personal belongings into his gallery. Now, he does real estate development, using his knowledge of architecture and design to renovate buildings and resell them. I admire his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to pursue what he enjoys most.

We had a wonderful time and the Bristol Hotel is a great place to meet. It's open, airy and welcoming. The bar overlooks an interior courtyard lined with magnolia trees and geraniums. The service is good and the bar menu offers light fare anytime of day.
112, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Paris, France 75008


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