Karl Lagerfeld

Café de Flore is always a fun spot to hang out and last night was no different.

Shortly after my arrival, Arielle Dombasle came waltzing out the front door, walked right in front of me and headed down the Boulevard Saint Germain. She was on the arm of Bernard-Henri Lévy (aka BHL). No big deal...I've seen them at the Flore before, the French are discreet and the French don't make a big deal out of celebrity status.

About two minutes later, Karl Lagerfeld walked up, paused right in front of me and then sat down two chairs to my right. Ooh la la! Now this caught my attention - it was completely unexpected and a bit surreal. Trying to be as discreet as the French, I fished my telephone out of my bag (yes, my little nylon Longchamp bag for which I have forsaken my big heavy Chanel bag, see post 6/2/09) and took a series of photos by aiming the lens in his direction without looking at him.

Well, so much for the French being discreet and so much for the French not caring about celebrity status. For the next hour, several people and several groups of people made a BIG deal out of Lagerfeld. He posed for photos, shook hands, chatted with fans and gave generous tips to the street musicians performing in front of the café.

At one point, the waiter seemed quite irked and asked Lagerfeld if he minded being disturbed. Lagerfeld had a great disposition and was very nice about it. He told the waiter it was fine and that he was used to the attention.

PS - Fashion Week for men's 2010 spring collections started yesterday in Paris.


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