Montmartre Walking Tour

As promised, a few photos from my walking tour of Montmartre with Alexandra and Lou last week.

Montmarte is absolutely darling. It is no wonder that this neighborhood is often used for film and fashion shoots. Alexandra was a great tour guide and brought me to the most charming spots. We came upon two movie locations and one fashion shoot. At times, I had to ask Alexandra what was real and what was faux. Is that really an 18th century cottage or did a movie crew put that there? Sometimes, it was hard to tell.

The scene at a "faux" butcher shop in Montmartre.

The interior of a "real" restaurant, called Le Basilic.

The "real" Café des 2 Moulins, used in the incredibly successful French film Amélie,
starring Audrey Tatou.

A "real" dirt path to a private home.
A "faux" French couple and a sneak preview of 2009 fall fashions. I took this photo when we came upon a magazine photo shoot. Ladies - it seems that capes, thigh-high leather boots, leggings and felt fedoras are in our future!
A "real" old fashioned Pétanque Club.
This game is often played in rural France.

A "real" neighborhood movie theater, owned by French director Claude Lelouch

The only "real" remaining vineyard in Paris.

After my guided tour from Alexandra, I stayed in the neighborhood for more exploring. Like a true tourist, I got completely lost. The steep hills and narrow streets made it very difficult to follow a map. All the same, I stumbled across some interesting sites and had a great time.


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