Café Noisette

The French take coffee drinking seriously, And, how they "take" their coffee depends largely on the time of day.
In the morning, they usually have café crème or café au lait - coffee with warm cream or milk. In the afternoon, or after a meal, they usually have un café - a small, but strong black coffee that Americans would refer to as an expresso.

Another great beverage option is a café noisette or une noisette. Noisette is the French word for hazelnut, in reference to the color not the flavor. Une noisette is an expresso with just a "touch" of cream.

Like an expresso, it's served in a demi-tasse cup and it's very strong. But, the acidity is reduced by the cream and the smoother flavor is a little more palatable to most Americans. It's also significantly less filling than a café crème - it won't spoil your appetite if taken alone and it won't make you feel as if you're too full if taken after a meal.

Odering a noisette in the afternoon is très chic and it's more in keeping with French coffee drinking habits than ordering a café crème or a café au lait during the latter part of the day - I highly recommend it.

After all, you know what they say, "When in Rome..." or Paris as the case may be!


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