Cire Trudon - Live Like a King!

I am always on the hunt for unique gifts that are made in France and crafted in the artisan tradition. Recently, I discovered Cire Trudon, a candle shop founded in 1643.

Trudon developed and perfected the art of candle making in the latter part of the 17th century. They use the very same methods to create the finest quality candles today.

The boutique is a sight to see, it has the atmosphere of a specialty museum. Magnificently scented candles are displayed under large, but delicate glass domes. The fragrance of each candle is contained until the moment the dome is lifted. Hand-written, tented note cards describe the scent and ingredients of each candle. The walls are adorned with 18th century engravings depicting apprentices and artisans performing their craft.

In 1719, Trudon was designated the Royal Manufacturer of Wax and began supplying candles to the King. In the boutique on the rue de Seine, one can purchase essentially the same candles used by the royal family so many years ago.

Cire Trudon

78, rue de Seine
75006 Paris


Diana said…
A fantastic gift idea! I am always on the look out for that special artisan gift to take back to family and friends,that truly embodies French Style. Since I am Learning French here in France, I feel compelled to take back an authentically French item and with great cultural significance!

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