Le Musée Rodin

I am ecstatic about the weather. Last year, it rained every day. Yesterday, it could not have been more beautiful. It was the perfect day for visiting the Rodin Museum

The museum in undergoing a two-year renovation and the number of works displayed is limited. But, there is a Camille Claudel exhibit on the second floor that is well worth seeing. Claudel was a student of Rodin. They had a torrid love affair that some speculate contributed to her demise. She died in an insane asylum 70 years ago. There is also a nice selection of Rodin's primary works, including the Thinker, the Young Girl in the Flowered Hat, and the Kiss.

The Rodin Museum is in the l'hotel Biron, a site chosen by the sculptor himself. He lived in the house and petitioned the state on numerous occasions to turn it into a museum, giving his personal collection in the process. 

The completion of renovation will mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of the museum in 1919.


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