Camille Claudel

Very often friends ask me for suggestions on what to see and do in Paris. In fact, the frequency of those requests was the impetus for this blog. Whenever possible, I try to pair my suggestions with French films that provide context. Given my two recent posts about the Rodin Museum, I cannot help but think of the film Camille Claudel
Based on a book by Reine-Marie Paris, granddaughter of Camille's brother, the poet and writer Paul Claudel, the film tells the story of her life as an artist, her apprenticeship under Rodin, their love affair, and her tragic end.
Starring Isabelle Adjani in the title role and Gerard Depardieu as Rodin, the film was a huge box-office hit and won five Cesar awards. It is truly one of my favorite films, and I highly recommend it to anyone planning to visit the museum, which features her work along side the work of Rodin.


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