Cour de Rohan

I am never at a loss for things to do in Paris, whether visiting a museum or strolling the streets of my favorite neighborhood, I can always find enjoyable ways to pass the day. On this day, I came upon the Cour de Rohan, a tucked-away passage in the sixth arrondissement. I had not been there in years and my return visit was truly a step back in time. Not only a step back to my college days in Paris when I first visited the neighborhood, but also a step back to the 15th century when these buildings were constructed.

Rohan is a corruption of Rouen. The Cour de Rohan consists of three small pictureque courtyards which formed part of a townhouse owned by the archbishops of Rouen. The second courtyard includes the last remaining vestige of Diane de Poitier's Renaissance loggia.


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